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_ quinta-feira, março 22, 2007 _

you're unkown to me

serve esta música do Herbert para anunciar "Volta". o disco marcha pelo poder de slogans antigos - "nature has fixed no limits on our hopes" - mas a capa é uma novidade. as cores berrantes e o nome "volta" escrito nas labaredas de fogo prometem alguma coisa (na mesma medida de expectativas perante gajos com carros amarelos). retomando a pesquisa, escreveu assim um holandês sobre o single "Earth intruders": Nelly Furtado's Maneater is your best point of reference.
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At 28/3/07 10:37, Anonymous Anónimo said...

«An authoritative source says that this is almost certainly not the cover. And some Photoshop sleuthing of a hi-res version I have reveals a hastily erased/blurred object between her hands, as well as a window or some object off to the left. Most of the surrounding environment has been blacked-out, as well. This font will most likely be used, as it appears to be the work of M/M Paris, with whom Björk has worked before.

Also, those flames are clearly a Photoshop effect. Before there was a "Björk" added to the top, there was a version of this image with only the photo and the flames, and if you'll notice, the flames have been formed with the intention of spelling out not only "Volta" but "björk" on top of the T in Volta. Not even the most retarded artist would put the artist's name on the album cover twice. Björk-related art/aesthetic is quite ordered and intelligent.»


At 28/3/07 11:05, Blogger João M said...

espero que as labaredas não desapareçam.


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