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_ sexta-feira, março 24, 2006 _

merchandise e anti-merchandise

It doesn't have my name on it. It just says 2006. It's a T-shirt for the optimists but in the future also for the nostalgic ones. It will be available at shows and maybe soon by mailorder. Just wear it this year. Then you can grow old, the shirt will grow old too, the '2006' print will be washed out, barely visible. And then in 2009 (every fourth year is a bad one) you can pick it up again, remember me, call me up and I'll sing your troubles away.

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At 26/3/06 21:04, Blogger imightbewrong said...

é uma ideia à maneira. voltaria a usar a t-shirt em 2026 #)

At 27/3/06 09:40, Blogger João M said...

eu também, pelo menos se continuasse a vestir o L em 2026.

At 27/3/06 19:22, Blogger O Puto said...

Que bela ideia! O último parágrafo é magnífico.
Por acaso não se vendem t-shirts com tamanho M nos ombros e tamanho S no restante?

At 28/3/06 17:37, Anonymous sloop joe b said...

Essa t-shirt está a um soutien a menos de ser perfeita.


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