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_ sexta-feira, fevereiro 03, 2006 _

post para quem ontem equacionou comprar uma playsation, e acabou por comprar um hamburger.

da Nintendo:

Nintendo has returned to its sprite-based roots. For those who miss the good old days of 2-D visuals, Super Princess Peach does the genre justice. Everything in the game is crisp, colorful, and vibrant. (...) You take control of Princess Peach and must work your way through a series of side scrolling stages in order to save your prince.
Princess has at her side Kassaa, a magical umbrella that always seems to smile. Kassaa can be used for a variety of actions to help you through the game.

Aside from using her parasol as a weapon, Princess Peach can also use her emotions to defend herself from enemies. Peach has four "powers" at her disposal, and they're tied to specific emotions. The Sad power lets you cry a geyser of tears, for instance, while the Anger power engulfs you in flames, the Calm power enhances ability to restore health, and the Love power actually lets you fly for a little bit.

Like all the Super Mario games, you'll collect coins in each level, but instead of turning them into extra lives, you can take these coins to shop in between levels.

Super Princess Peach looks to have the right mix of classic platforming and neat new concepts to keep fans of side-scrolling action entertained for its duration. The game is due out in late February
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oh...ai lobe iu

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